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The Hummingbird Project

In dogged rebellion of the corporate world and in hopes of striking it rich, two scheming cousins Vincent and Anton Zalesky (Jesse Eisenberg and an almost unrecognizable Alexander Skarsgård) set out to build a thousand-mile-long, four-inch-wide tunnel from Kansas to New Jersey that will give them a one-millisecond edge on transactions at the New York Stock Exchange.

The cousins are an odd couple united by their desire to forge their own path in life, with Vincent a frantic dreamer and schemer and Anton a socially awkward data genius conjuring the magic seconds edge they need in their plan. While operating as rogues their plan attracts the attention of their ruthless former employer Eva Torres (Salma Hayek), a Wall Street lion willing to devour anyone unlucky enough to get in her way. As time runs out, their plan and its promises grow wilder as the stakes climb higher. A tragicomedy about financial hustlers by Academy Award–nominated director Kim Nguyen, The Hummingbird Project is a thrilling contemporary portrait of a David vs. Goliath mission. (Description adapted from the Toronto International Film Festival)

Official Selection of the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival.

The event is finished.


Mar 13, 2019


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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