The Tempest at Madison Theatre


Madison Theatre at Molloy College
1000 Hempstead Avenue


Jan 31, 2020


11:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Tempest

The Tempest is a play about magic, betrayal, love and forgiveness. It is set on an island somewhere near Italy where Prospero, the one-time Duke of Milan, and his beautiful daughter, Miranda, live with a sprite called Ariel and a strange wildman called Caliban.

Actors From The London Stage

Founded in 1975, Actors From The London Stage (AFTLS) is one of the oldest touring Shakespeare theatre companies in the world. Housed and workshopped in the UK and based in the United States at Shakespeare at Notre Dame, this intensive residency program is truly one of a kind.

The company presents residencies at approximately 16-18 universities per year. These one-week visits present students and faculty with an opportunity to experience a cross-disciplinary, in-depth, and dynamic set of workshops, further enhanced by performances of one of Shakespeare’s great masterpieces. AFTLS has been in residence at numerous prestigious institutions including the University of Texas-Austin, Wellesley College, Dartmouth College, Stanford University, Emory University, and the U.S. Naval Academy.

Originally conceived and developed at the University of California-Santa Barbara by Professor Homer Swander (and co-founded by the renowned British actor Sir Patrick Stewart), each weeklong residency is truly an actor driven tour-de-force. Coming from such prestigious companies as the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Royal National Theatre of Great Britain, and Shakespeare’s Globe, AFTLS actors are uniquely focused on student engagement across the academic spectrum, as well as the creation of a collaborative learning environment in which to experience Shakespeare’s texts and universal themes. Be it in classroom workshops, onstage demonstrations and performances, text readings, or informal meetings with students, AFTLS actors are committed to teaching and being entirely accessible to students during each campus visit.

The vibrant hands-on nature of the program provides an extraordinary opportunity to engage faculty and students far beyond the confines of the English and Theatre departments. Whether students are familiar with or new to the body of work, Actors From The London Stage provides an inclusive, interactive gateway to experiencing the richness of Shakespeare’s writing.


The event is finished.

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